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Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Clarity and a Sense of Confidence and Control.

A Note from Michelle and Kevin…

We consider it a privilege to be present for our clients during these challenging transitions.


While we enjoy helping all our clients, we have a particular interest in helping women in transition.

Examples of life transitions include:

  • Divorce or remarriage
  • Death of a spouse, parent, child
  • Debilitating or life-changing illness for self or loved one
  • Rejoining the workforce after an extended absence
  • Retirement

We know that times of transition can be overwhelming when you do not have clarity in your financial life.


Michelle’s Why …

When I was a teenager in the 1980s, “pay at the pump” was not yet an option – drivers had to walk up to the register and prepay for gas. As a teenager, I had to pay for my own gas, and I often paid with the only money I could spare – a $5 bill.

Over two decades and a law degree later, I found myself at a gas station once again looking down at a $5 bill in my hand. It was my first week back at work practicing law after taking 10 years off to raise my children.

I was at the start of a divorce and had no confidence that the credit cards in my wallet would work. So in my business suit and high heels, I walked to the attendant and prepaid for gas with a $5 bill – enough to get home for dinner with my daughters.

In that humbling moment, I realized I had come full circle.

As I drove home, I felt overwhelmed by how little clarity, confidence, and control I had in my financial life. I resolved to do whatever I could to remove the weight of that awful uncertainty.

I began studying personal finance at night and on the weekends, while working during the day. Over the course of a few years, I ultimately changed careers to become a financial advisor. While going through this personal period of transition, I knew I was not alone.

From my experience, I’ve learned that many people do not have a sense of financial clarity in their own lives. This is how I discovered my passion for helping clients achieve financial certainty and a sense of confidence and control. While I enjoy helping all my clients, I have a particular interest in shoring up women in transition.

As a financial advisor, I’ve spent countless hours with women who are going through major life changes – whether they’re in the midst of a divorce, grieving the loss of a spouse, or struggling to provide care for elderly parents.

Their stories are many and those hours are filled with meaning for me. I consider it a privilege to be present for my clients during these challenging transitions.

Kevin’s Why …

My fascination with finance was sparked at an early age, a time when I engaged in spirited conversations with my father. I vividly recall expressing interest in toys or electronics, and my father casually remarking, “Oh, I own the company that makes that.” I did not fully understand what he meant at first, but he was entirely sincere. Soon enough, my dad introduced me to the world of publicly traded companies and the concept of becoming a shareholder. I was hooked.

When I was 10 years old, aware of my budding interest in the stock market, my family gifted me a handful of shares in Coca-Cola.  They opened a custodial account for me at a broker-dealer to hold the shares. My joy was quickly met with frustration when the broker handling my custodial account sold some of my limited shares to secure his commission. While I was disappointed, I am grateful for the stark lesson I learned regarding the potential conflicts of interest when working with a broker-dealer.

These early life experiences ignited a curiosity in finance that evolved into a genuine calling to serve my community as a financial planner. My decision to start a wealth management firm with a trusted colleague and friend extends far beyond a mere career choice; it represents the realization of a lifelong passion to help individuals, families and in more recent years, supporting widow(er)s in the incredibly difficult transition period as they navigate life on their own.

My father passed away suddenly in 2018.  This positioned me to not only be a caring and supportive son to my mother, but also to provide counsel as her advisor to help her become a knowledgeable and independent steward of her financial resources.  Since that time, I have provided the same services to other clients in similar life transitions.

At Trio Wealth Management, I am committed to utilizing my expertise to provide financial guidance and empower individuals to navigate the complexities of their financial life.  It is a privilege I deeply cherish, and it is the driving force behind my choice to become a fee-only financial advisor, a Certified Financial Planner® professional, and a steadfast advocate for my clients as a firm owner.

Achieve Clarity, Confidence and Control in your financial life. We can help.